Company Policy


The industrial activity of LIBEIN SISTEMAS S.L. it focuses on playing a role in the development and improvement of society through cleanliness applying the best technology, providing the industry with an innovative, precise and quality method, reducing costs and time and guaranteeing maximum customer satisfaction.


To achieve this commitment LIBEIN SISTEMAS S.L. establishes its integral policy based on compliance with the following principles:


1 - LIBEIN SISTEMAS S.L. He strives daily to live in harmony with the needs of today's society. This company complies with the established laws and regulations.


2 - LIBEIN SISTEMAS S.L. Value your customers. Its objective is to maintain the trust and satisfaction of the same through professionalism and a scrupulous ethics of quality.


3 - LIBEIN SISTEMAS S.L. is a company committed to complying with the requirements that apply to it, including the requirements of its clients, legal and regulatory requirements and those of other interested parties.


4 - LIBEIN SISTEMAS S.L. It is committed to improving, continuously, both its management and the quality of its work.


5 - LIBEIN SISTEMAS S.L. it is managed in a coherent and proactive way. It offers its workers a safe, motivating and conducive work environment for the efficient development of their work, supporting their management with the appropriate technology.


6 - LIBEIN SISTEMAS S.L. values the corporate culture, encouraging each individual to perform at the highest level (a happy company).



LIBEIN SISTEMAS S.L. it has set itself the objective of consolidating itself in the sector as a global cleaning supplier. We offer a wide range of solutions to the industry providing a unique value in the market.


The objective of LIBEIN SISTEMAS S.L. is to carry out a wide range of activities for the protection of the environment. Promote respect for the environment in operations and services and achieve the highest degree of efficiency of resources in order to minimize pollution. For this, LIBEIN SISTEMAS S.L. shows a strong commitment to protecting the environment and preventing pollution. This implies assuming compliance with the legal requirements and any other subscribed requirements, including the specific commitments pertinent to our context.