We update you

We update you · 19. julio 2018
Once reviewed and disassembled, we begin with the cleaning process. First, the plates are pre-washed to remove most of the waste. Then, it is ULTRASOUND CLEANING by submerging both the plates and the filter structure in an aqueous medium with a specific product that is not harmful to PVC.

We update you · 03. julio 2018
The exchangers are received with lime residues and small oxidations and they are cleaned by our ULTRASONIDOS immersion cleaning system, dismantling the exchangers and working each plate individually. Each exchanger has two covers. These are sanitized, removing the oxide to subsequently give them the necessary primer and proceed to paint them.

We update you · 25. junio 2018
Strainers are sediment filters that protect the components of a pipe such as pumps and meters. They are used for the control of the pollution by solid particles generated by the wear or erosion of the surface of the machinery. Through ultrasound we get a top quality cleaning at the surface level, regardless of whether the pieces have difficult access to internal recesses. This cleaning is considered as a cleaning system without risks.