Industrial cleaning

Sistema de Limpieza Seca en Equipos Eléctricos y Electrónicos

LIBEIN SISTEMAS S.L is a company focused on providing services and integral cleaning and recovery solutions for equipment, mainly in the industrial sector. Our cleaning systems are not abrasive with the materials to be cleaned and if they are respectful with the environment.


We stand out for the realization of ultrasonic cleaning of industrial elements in our workshops in Asturias and Madrid and for cryogenic cleaning of electrical and electronic cabinets in the facilities of our customers with our patented DEECS system.


Our commitment to all our customers, to obtain a high level of satisfaction from all of them, focused on the quality of the results after the application of our cleaning and recovery systems, makes us advance new research and innovation techniques for the implementation of new criteria and applications in the environment of cleaning, and always taking into account, respect for the environment, that all our systems contemplate.


The union of all this leads us to be able to offer maximum quality and efficiency in all services provided; from the first moment we establish a close link with customers to try to satisfy their needs and reach the quality objectives and levels of committed services; always looking for the most appropriate solution in each case.


Previously, we always carry out the necessary tests so that the client is aware of the quality of the service to be contracted and the advantages that will be reported to him / her.


Advice, Quality, Efficiency, Professionalism and Service are our guidelines in achieving the objectives set, with each of our clients.



Maintenance in cogeneration plants

Cleaning of electrical panels (cryogenic) in ships and factories

Cleaning in leaks in the factories (cryogenic)

Material recovery treatments

Filter cleaning

Catalyst cleaning

Cleaning profiles

Exchange plates

Electric and combustion engines

Paint removal (pickling)

Any type of cleaning that is necessary for further handling or use of equipment

Graffiti cleaning and recovery of facades and other paramentos


Microscopic cleaning

Time saving

Cost reduction

Protection of the item to be cleaned

Environmentally friendly


Ultrasonic Cleaning

DEECs system

Cryogenic Cleaning