Professionalism and security

limpieza criogénica

We want to be a reference in the European market in industrial cleaning applying the best technology, to provide the industry with an innovative, accurate and quality method that reduces costs and time, providing a unique value in the market, all through our commitment quality.



To make our customers more productive, thanks to our technology, products and services that will help protect and ensure the sustainability of our customers.


Our mission is focused on supporting our clients to improve their industrial processes, providing them with high added value through our processes, technology and services. We help reduce production costs by reducing breakdowns and improving production capacity. All this by following high ISO quality standards and respecting environmental commitments.



Our commitment to obtain the total satisfaction of our clients, which leads us to execute the services with absolute ethics; working in strict compliance with current regulations.


The satisfaction of our clients and their loyalty are a fundamental part of our objective; We develop our work with the highest efficiency and quality.


Continuous improvement: through collaboration, innovation, study and application of processes of continuous improvement in our technique, providing the most innovative technology to benefit our customers.




At Libein Sistemas we have a highly qualified staff with extensive experience.


 As a company focused on the satisfaction of our customers, and valuing our employees as one of our main assets, we provide continuous training, we take care of and protect our workers in terms of safety, providing them with the necessary technical training and following a compliance with the law in labor and safety at work.


Royal Decree 1415/2004 of June 11, approving the General Regulations for the Collection of Social Security

Royal Legislative Decree 8/2015 of October 30, approving the revised text of the General Social Security Law (as of 2-01-2016)

Royal Decree 84/1996, of January 26, which approves the General Regulation on registration of companies and affiliation, registrations, deletions and variations of data of workers in Social Security

Royal Decree 2064/1995, of December 22, which approves the General Regulation on contribution and settlement and other rights of Social Security

Law 31/1995, of November 8, on Prevention of Occupational Risks We take care of and protect our workers in terms of safety, providing them with the necessary technical training.

As well as in the execution of our services, we apply the regulations required in the field of work (security in the sector).




In Libein systems we are respectful with the environment and we develop all our activities with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of both our customers and ours.


Our commitment to the environment is manifested through the elimination of waste through an authorized manager in compliance with the R.D. 833/88 according to Law 20/2011


In addition, we comply with the regulations required in terms of Environmental Responsibility.


Royal Decree 2816/1983, of October 13

18475 LAW 26/2007, of October 23, on Environmental Responsibility


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DEECs system

Cryogenic Cleaning