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On June 13, a company from the iron and steel industry urgently contacted us; one of the largest in Europe, for the cleaning and drying of some electrical cabinets flooded by floods causing the stoppage of the activity of the company.


First, all the waste and the existing water in the funds are vacuumed. Next, CO2 and Nitrogen were applied inside the cabinets. Then, only Nitrogen was applied to remove any possible humidity and, later on, the gas mixture was reapplied in the areas where there was some residue and thus an optimum result was obtained in the cleaning of the cabinets. In these areas, the process of applying nitrogen was repeated to eliminate any moisture that could be contained therein.


The execution time of each of the teams was varying according to their size and within each of them was aggravated by the remains of dirt that they had, areas of difficult access; and in this case we add as a difficulty the removal of the remains of the accumulated water.


Finally, the problem was solved by reducing costs and the same company was able to restart the company's activity in record time.

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Libein systemes