On June 28, LIBEIN SISTEMAS receives a filter from a ship belonging to one of our clients.


This filter is used to prevent oil and water from discharging from the sea, eliminating oil from bilge water.


The bilge water is purified and pumped outside in the high seas, leaving on board the polluting products that are removed in the port for its treatment and elimination.

Once reviewed and disassembled, we begin with the cleaning process.


First, the plates are pre-washed to remove most of the waste. Then, it is ULTRASOUND CLEANING by submerging both the plates and the filter structure in an aqueous medium with a specific product that is not harmful to PVC.


Once all the cycles of the ultrasonic process have been completed, the plates are again individually rinsed as well as the filter structure and their assembly is carried out to be delivered to the client with the desired finish.